Sound quality, noise reduction and comfort make BigShots a welcome replacement of your uncomfortable earmuffs! Concentration and balance are required to make a perfect shot. BigShots allow you to remove your head-gear keeping sweat from running down your face at the wrong time. Lessening the strain on your neck muscles also helps your ears at the core of your balance center.

BigShots compress loud sounds - keeping them under 92dB SPL. A digital processor keeps speech clear even in the presence of noise. BigShots not only protect your ears, they enable you to hear sounds up to a half-mile away!

Available in two stock sizes (one size fits all) and multiple colors to meet your needs.  Full size BigShots include a telecoil that can receive magnetic signals from a telephone or neckloop system.  Pair this with our neckloop system, and you can wirelessly connect to your cell phone or other communications device.

9 products found in BigShots Electronic Hearing Protection

BigShots Electronic Earplugs
  • $799.00 USD
BigShots Covert Electronic Earplugs
  • $599.00 USD
Quattro Pro Adaptive Wireless Neckloop System
  • $229.95 USD
Foam Tips for BigShots - 3 Pair Pack
  • $4.50 USD
Foam Tips for BigShots - 20 Pair Pack
  • $20.00 USD
Earasers Wax Guards
  • $10.00 USD
Rayovac 312 Size Battery Pack (Qty 40)
  • $19.99 USD
Rayovac 13 Size Battery Pack (Qty 40)
  • $19.99 USD
Rayovac 10A Size Battery Pack (Qty 40)
  • $19.99 USD