Now Featuring the Linum T2 Connection System for improved fit, sound and durability.

You may have always wanted a truly custom pair of in-ear monitors.  InEarz is one of the most trusted brands in the industry, established longer than most brands and delivers a customized experience beyond any other.   You have waited long enough for perfection in sound, so we are glad you waited.  We guarantee your satisfaction with InEarz.   No other brand offers our perfect guarantee.   It's not easy to make a perfect ear-mold, and perfect acoustics.  We are up for the challenge, and we will deliver.  InEarz delivers an all-encompassing sound that will enable you to feel the soundstage right in front of you.   You will feel the presence of live music, even when listening to recordings.   But if your gig is playing live music, we have the perfect combination for singers, drummers, bass players, guitarists, name it.  Not only do we use our 50 years of experience in manufacturing hearing devices, we use the latest technologies in drivers and digital scanning to make your fitting perfect!   Trust will be a customer for life!

9 products found in InEarz Custom Monitors

INEARZ Nirvana with ADEL Technology
  • $1,299.00 USD
High Resolution Bluetooth Receiver
  • $99.00 USD
Wireless In Ear Monitor System
  • $659.00 USD
myMix-Personal Monitor Mixer
  • $679.00 USD
  • $1,099.00 USD
Leather Cord Keeper
  • $4.95 USD
Linum G2 SuperBaX
  • $199.00 USD
Linum G2 BaX
  • $99.00 USD
Linum G2 SuperBaX 2-Pin Cable
  • $199.00 USD