Retain Clarity!

EARasers natural open design allows sound to travel closer to the eardrum before being filtered.  No more muffled or underwater sound.

Protect Your Hearing

Musicians! Concert Go-ers! Exposure to Loud Music/Sound! EARasers filter loud noise so you can enjoy sound at a safe, comfortable level.

Virtually Invisible

EARasers clear silicone and in-the-ear "smart seal" make them virtually unnoticeable!

Experience comfort, clarity and the best hearing protection.

Available in various models and sizes, find the one that meets your needs.


EARasers “Smart Seal” conforms to your earsshape, creating a more natural feel you can wear comfortably for hours.


Why continue to buy toss away earplugs? EARasers can be easily cleaned and Re-Used.


Why pay custom prices? EARasers surpass the others by Fit, Clarity, and Price! 

Extreme Protection • Coming Soon

Peace & Quiet™