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  • I have seen other companies advertise "flat attenuation" earplugs, but you claim to be the first. What gives?

    We are not the first "flat attenuation" earplug.  We have the first "flat frequency response" earplug as measured using the data attained by the Virginia Tech Auditory Systems Laboratory.  Here is the difference: Earasers utilize “V-Filter”™ Acoustic Resonance Technology which essentially inverts the natural resonance of your ear canal. While the resonance of the ear does a fine job at amplifying soft sounds, it is the main reason loud sounds become unbearable. The natural ear canal will add 17-20 decibels of sound pressure at 2700Hz which you simply don’t need in a loud environment such as listening to a live...

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  • Can you try to explain why "flat response" sounds better than "flat attenuation?"

    When you research "flat attenuators" you will see that they are only flat in a small range in the middle frequencies. Carefully observe the far reaches of the bandwidth, and you will find very aggressive changes, steeply sloping drop-offs, to the frequencies above 6KHz (where musician's really need the signal).  Remember, middle C is approx 256Hz, and a good amount of the ensemble comes from the low frequencies.   I have heard this phrase duplicated so often, that I don't think anybody gives it a second thought anymore….. "flat-response attenuators have a frequency response that follows the shape of the...

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