Dental drills….. the saddest tool in the trade.   They whine all day!   Most of them peak at somewhere between 3K-6KHz which is exactly where the Earasers give you the most protection.   The human voice is centered at 250Hz for Men and 300Hz for Women, so you will still be able to hear conversations amazingly well, while wearing these.   Even better, you won't have to take them in and out due to discomfort or itching or sweating which could be a major pain due to contamination issues.   Just leave them in all day…you might even go home with them in and forget they are there!   Truly it happens a lot, as these are just that comfortable and clear sounding.

Dental drills are known to generate excessive high frequencies, that over time can cause damaging hearing loss. Most drills generate noise above 2KHz - and that is where Earasers Dental Earplugs provide the most protection: between 2KHz-8Khz. That may only be two octaves of vocal range, but it can cause tinnitus and ear fatigue after a full day on the job.  Earasers allow voices to come through the filter, but not the NOISE! We guarantee these will work and that you can wear them all day with absolute comfort. You won't ever have to take them out and risk getting them contaminated. Just leave them in until you are finished with your day.

Earasers Dentists / Hygienists / Healthcare POS.
Earasers Dentists / Hygienists / Healthcare
  • $49.99 USD
  • $39.99 USD
Dentists / Hygienists / Healthcare  Starter Kit - for sizing.
Dentists / Hygienists / Healthcare Starter Kit - for sizing
  • $57.99 USD
  • $47.99 USD
LEFT  SIDE  ONLY  ;    Earasers  Earplugs.
LEFT SIDE ONLY ; Earasers Earplugs
  • $25.00 USD
RIGHT  SIDE  ONLY  -  Earasers  Earplugs.
RIGHT SIDE ONLY Earasers Earplugs
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Cleaning Tool with Brush (Qty 3)
Cleaning Tool with Brush (Qty 3)
  • $5.00 USD