Earcleanse cleaning wipes small tube

EARcleanse Cleaning Wipes

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Keep your units working as long as possible.   Formula designed to effectively dissolve earwax.  Don't put alcohol regularly on your plugs which may deteriorate them.  Use EARcleanse Cleaning Wipes which also reduces the likelihood of ear infection.

Each wipe is custom germicidal formulation, which kills 99.9% of bacteria that could typically form on the surface of your Earasers. This will help keep your earplugs operating at peak condition while making sure that your hearing health is optimized. We suggest one wipe every other week. If you use earplugs daily, and you have more wax production than average, you may want to increase the use of wipes to once per week.  

30 wipes per tub.  CE mark certified for your safety.