MotorSports / Racing Enthusiasts are exposed to loud engines, crowd noise, and of course wind noise.  Earasers help make you a better and safer rider with some added bonuses including:

Reducing rider fatigue; Arrive fresher than ever before.  

Stay safe;  Wind noise is a constant bombardment to your brain - something your brain can't ignore!  It's the fight or flight response.  This is a stressor to your brain and can cause you to lose focus after just a short while of loud exposure.

Even after hours of wearing Earasers, your ears will feel refreshed instead of that annoying ringing!  Hey, the ringing is not good - it's a warning sign from your ears that you might be doing permanent damage.

Many famous racers are now realizing that wind noise is distracting and a stress that should be reduced as much as possible while maintaining focus for long periods of time.  

When you stop to go in the store for a break, just keep your Earasers in your ear.  Other earplugs have to be removed so that you can understand conversation.   Not us!  We don't want your grimy hands and dirt getting all over us....keep them nice and warm in your gloves!   

Use Earasers on your cell phone, without removing them.  

Enjoy your music more.   Earasers allow you to better hear music through your helmet or stereo.  Yes, they are that clear sounding.  

***  Most states allow earplugs while riding if designed such that it will not impede a drivers ability to hear safety information.  Please check with your state on the laws in areas you travel.   Earasers are safer than standard foam earplugs due to their clarity of sound, and extended bandwidth, and thus you will not miss important safety information.  When earplugs like foam are used, there is a great imbalance in the frequency spectrum, making some sounds unrecognizable.  Earasers are the only flat frequency response earplug in the motor-sports / racing market.   Flat frequency response is well known in the sound and music industry to mean yield high quality and improved fidelity. 

Earasers Motorsports Earplugs
Earasers Motorsports Earplugs
  • $49.99 USD
  • $39.99 USD
Starter Kit - for sizing.
Starter Kit - for sizing
  • $57.99 USD
  • $47.99 USD
Earasers Pro-Kit.
Earasers Pro-Kit
  • $79.99 USD
  • $69.99 USD
LEFT  SIDE  ONLY  ;    Earasers  Earplugs.
LEFT SIDE ONLY ; Earasers Earplugs
  • $25.00 USD
RIGHT  SIDE  ONLY  -  Earasers  Earplugs.
RIGHT SIDE ONLY Earasers Earplugs
  • $25.00 USD
Cleaning Tool with Brush (Qty 3)
Cleaning Tool with Brush (Qty 3)
  • $5.00 USD