Earasers Earplugs for Musicians and Concertgoers

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Earasers Musicians Earplugs

Earplugs for Concerts

Whether you are a musician, attend concerts or are regularly exposed to music played at high levels, Earasers don't plug up your ears and muffle sound like conventional earplugs. Manufactured by a 57 year old hearing aid company, and developed by their lead engineer - a musician for over 35 years, Earasers filter out loud noise while still allowing you to hear at a safe, comfortable level. Protect your hearing and still maintain communication with those around you.  If you enjoy going to concerts or just jamming out with the band, these earplugs will take care of your ears.  Earasers are so comfortable they don't sweat, or tickle, or itch allowing you to enjoy the show for hours on end.  The patented construction makes these high fidelity earplugs appear virtually invisible and help you focus your attention on the music.

Earasers can be cleaned and reused, and when the silicone tip starts to get old, they can be renewed with new sleeves.    

Sizing Tips

75% of men use medium
75% of women use small
75% of young adults use small


The size of the external ear (the pinnae) rarely has anything to do with the size of the opening of the canal.   Visit our instructions tab if you want more help determining your size.

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