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Earasers Peace & Quiet Earplugs

You gotta get some sleep!   Or maybe, it's that commute through downtown sub-way station or a long plane ride and you just want to reduce the jet lag.   These Peace & Quiet Earplugs might not block 100%, as no earplug can claim that….but they really do knock off the edge.  While the Musician's earplugs are better at understanding speech in the presence of noise, Earasers Peace & Quiet Earplugs will help you "get away" from the bedlam and commotion.  

If you live with a snorer and would like a bit more 'Peace and Quit' definitely try these.  Great for isolating yourself, without missing the alarm clock.  More comfortable because of their economical shape, and no continued pressure or expanding process throughout sleep.  Earasers can be worn throughout the night or on long trips, with great comfort.  

Tip on sizes: Adult Males range about 65% Medium.  Think about your experience history.  Do standard earbuds work well for you?  If so, you are most likely a Medium.  If you find them always falling out because they seem too big for your unique ear canal, then Small would appear to be a better choice for you.  

75% of women use Small - with that said the range is everything from XSmall to Large.  

75% of young adults use Small

Most people already know if they have small ears due to their experience with other earbuds. Don't worry, there is some definite overlap in the sizes. If you guess wrong, you can always exchange them within 30 days. 

X-Small:  If you've never been able to fit a good earplug in your canal. 

Small - If you think you have tiny ear canals.

Medium - If standard earbuds seem to work well for you.

Large - If you've never had a great seal in an earplugs because nothing fills the space.

First Time Users - it may be very worth your while to get a STARTER KIT.  This will allow you the unique opportunity to try two different sized tips side by side and place your one set of filters in the tips that create the best seal for you.  It's only a few buck more, but the convenience of trying them side by side is priceless.  Then moving forward you will know what works best for you.   You'll want this information when it's time to get your ReNewal Kit and refresh just your outer tips.